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Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn
We offer true sartorial craftsmanship and excellent customer service. "In Person" on "Your Schedule" at our showroom, come in or schedule an appointment. We design and tailor suits that elevate your style made to measure for a perfect fit.
We do this by creating your personal measurement profile with one of our master tailors by appointment.

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We believe in ease by offering appointments across District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

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We provide a complete design and tailoring service

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Custom Designed Shoes
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What people say?

My personal tailor exceeded my expectations with a great deal of personal care and luxurious quality. I feel more powerful and look better than ever! The experience was absolutely perfect.

Mr. Martin H. Thomas - Realtor

What people say?

I have many suits but one of my favorites came from The Capital Tailor. It was better priced than my other suits, yet equal or better in quality and craftsmanship. That's one of the many reason it's in constant rotation, and I'm looking forward to my next order of suits and shirts. Ramon is the best!

Mr. Kenny Hugh

What people say?

Hi i am Kasper McAlister in Baltimore . Ramon created a wonderful custom creation , a beautiful grey suit . Great fit an eye magnet inside an out !!! :-) Thanks Ramon !!!!

Mr. Kasper McAlister

What people say?

Went the extra mile to make sure my Shirts were perfect even after the first fitting. Amazing service.

Mr. Thomas

What people say?

I’ve had quite a few compliments about my suits so wouldn’t be surprised if you have more people coming your way soon! Needless to say I love the bespoke suits

Mr. Harris

What people say?

Excellent Overcoat and nicely designed. Thanks

Mr. Johnson

What people say?

I looked very sharp on my wedding day and everyone complimented the suit. Thanks for adding the little extra details.

Mr. Little